84. The Depp Defamation Trial: #MeToo Meets the Manosphere (and it’s Ugly) w. Nic & Kathrin


In this episode, Mexie speaks with Nic (host of the Pynk Spots podcast and YouTube channel) and Kathrin (host of the Kathrin YouTube channel) about the absolute trash fire that is the Johnny Depp defamation trial. We discuss the circus that’s been made of what should be a very somber trial, the rampant misogyny in the public discourse, the lionization of Johnny and demonization of Amber despite the mountain of quite damming evidence against Johnny, menpathy, #MeToo, and the implications of all of this for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. This is a very heavy topic and we’ve used it as an opportunity to really dig in on a number of incredibly important issues and the severity of this cultural moment.

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