85. The Imperialist Sex Trade w. Esperanza Fonseca & Khara Jabola-Carolus


Mexie is joined by Esperanza Fonseca and Khara Jabola-Carolus of the transnational feminist and anti-imperialist organization, AF3IRM, to discuss the history and present of the global sex trade and the insufficiency of the liberal feminist discourses surrounding it. We’ll discuss the history of the industry, its relation to colonialism, imperialism and militarization (as well as patriarchy and capitalism), the class character and class contradictions involved in the trade, the politics of buying, the voices of the most marginalized often left out of mainstream discourses, and visions for a liberated future. We are of course fiercely in support of the workers, or people selling in the trade, and believe liberal feminist discourses do a disservice to all by falsely conflating a critique of the industry and exploiter classes with a critique of the workers.

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