14. The Syrian War with Yazan Al-Saadi


This week Marine interviews Yazan Al-Saadi, a Syrian-Canadian journalist and researcher, about the war in Syria. Yazan’s work has been featured in Al-Akbar English, Muftah, Raseef 22, Democracy Now, Russia Today and Lebanon support. We solicited listener questions for Yazan, ranging from questions around anti-imperialism, the refugee “crisis”, and chemical weapons, to questions around solidarity with other oppressed peoples and the potential for an alternative, united approach going forward. These are incredibly controversial topics in current leftist discourse, but we feel that it’s important for leftists to take seriously the critiques and aspirations of people with a genuine stake in what happens in Syria, regardless of where one might fall ideologically. Yazan provides thought-provoking analysis that will hopefully spark some productive (and perhaps uncomfortable) conversations.

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