21. Alex Jones, Free Speech, and Silicon Valley with Robbie Martin


In this episode Mexie talks with Robbie Martin, documentary filmmaker and co-host of Media Roots Radio, about the recent co-ordinated banning of Alex Jones and Infowars off of most of the prominent social media outlets. Robbie places the bannings within the broader context of Silicon Valley execs partnering with state and defence contractor-funded think tanks to eliminate “fake news” or “Russian disinformation” from their platforms in order to circumvent any further blame for undesirable political outcomes, such as the backlash Facebook faced after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the election of Donald Trump. We then talk about the implications of this broader Russiagate narrative and Silicon Valley’s control over our information for the left, and discuss to what extent the Alex Jones incident represents a slippery slope for any dissenting voice that challenges the mainstream, corporate or think tank class narratives. We end with a discussion of how leftists might be able to engage people on and off of social media in ways that may protect against being erased and silenced at the whim of big tech corporations.

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