93. The Dark History and Politics of Birth Control w. Nic & Kathrin


This episode shares a stream that Mexie, Nic (of Pynk Spots) and Kathrin (of the Kathrin YouTube channel) did on A Little to the Left all about birth control. It’s basically everything we wish we knew before we each opted to take the pill at a very young age.

We’ll talk about the necessity of birth control options, of course, and how liberatory its access has been for many people. However we’ll also be digging into the disturbing history and politics around the birth control pill, and looking at the health impacts it has had for people with wombs. We’ll discuss the racist and eugenicist history of the pill and other forms of birth control, and dig into the politics around condom use and ‘stealthing’. We’ll end with exploring other options for birth control, and the importance of informed choice. As always, we’ll be bringing in our own experiences along with historical facts and political analysis.

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