17. Orgasms: To Fake or Not To Fake?


This is really a NO HOLDS BACK episode. Who’s ready for TMI?? But no, seriously, we lay a lot on the line in this one. We start by discussing some rather shocking statistics about the imbalance of pleasure in cis-hetero sexual encounters. We apologize from the outset that this discussion is fairly binary and focuses mostly on cis-hetero sexual politics. The story changes when you start to look at non-heteronotmative relationships, which we think underscores even more that we need to break down the male-gaze and the patriarchal way that sex is often presented to us. We deconstruct the construction of masculinity and femininity and how this influences sexual dynamics and creates anxiety around either giving orgasms or performing them. We talk about our own experiences growing up in this environment and how toxic it is for both parties in the encounter. We provide some great resources on ‘female’ pleasure (again, sorry for the binary language) and on sex-positivity in general, and end with some tips we have to improve communication between partners and nurture more honest, intimate, and ultimately satisfying relationships and sexual experiences.

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