19. Why Vegans Should Be Leftists


Flipping it on ya today! In more than one way. First off, Mexie is solo on this podcast as Marine is focusing on an exciting new IRL endeavour (go Marine!). And secondly, we’re flipping our very first episode, Why Leftists Should Be Vegan, to detail some of the near endless reasons why veganism without anti-capitalism is ultimately going to be insufficient to provide animal liberation, a “cruelty-free” world or environmental sustainability. This was inspired by the Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! podcast’s latest episode where they brought to light that 2 slaughterhouse workers per week suffer amputations on the job. The profit motive does not give a f*ck about human or non-human life, and its expansionary nature means it will never be sustainable nor will it stop harming animals. We need action on both fronts – committing to animal liberation in the here and now and also confronting the larger systems that perpetuate violence against all living beings.

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