11. The Vegan-Washing of Israel Continues (Brand Israel, Palestine, and Occupation)


In light of the recent Vegan Vibes tour organized in Israel, Marine interviews Laura Schleifer– a Jewish pro-intersectional vegan and free Palestine solidarity activist who spent time in the Palestinian West Bank on a theatre tour. Israel wants to grow its reputation as “The Vegan Capital of the World” and is using diverse tactics to spread this message (Vegan Birthright, vegan army gear, vegan conferences, vegan food tours). Brand Israel has long used social justice causes to promote itself as a cool, progressive, innovate hub, in order to distract us from looking at its atrocious human rights track record. After gay rights (Pink Washing), the environment (Green Washing), we discuss how veganism is being leveraged to “Vegan-Wash” the Israeli occupation.

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